Local Buying Tips

Start by making connections with a mortgage lender. Shop around for financing—ask me for a referral.  You can learn a great deal about your financial situation from your credit report.  Paying attention to your credit report may also give you the opportunity to fix errors on your credit report that could save you thousands of dollars in interest payments on your loan.

You can also meet with a financial planner to help you identify what you can purchase in this market.  A financial planner will help you plan for your upcoming purchase and post-closing budget.  

After you are pre-approved for a mortgage loan and it has been identified how much house you can afford, call me.  My number is 510-684-1455.  My Bureau of Real Estate license number is 01367417.

We will then sit down and identify what type of property you want.  Search active listings on MLS. Then, we will visually inspect the property and see if it fits your needs.

Next we will submit your offer and initial deposit to secure a contract acceptance from the seller. We have to start making offers and negotiate what you will and won’t accept!  Buyers have a great deal of power if the seller is truly ready to sell. 

Want to know the rest of the process?  Give me a call at 510-684-1455 and let’s start working together today.